Customer Experience Management – competitive customer service

Digia’s Customer Experience Management services help to improve the quality of encounters between Digia’s clients and their end customers. By improving customers’ experiences, Digia’s clients can achieve increased customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

A networked world, linked by the internet

Customer experience has grown in importance as a competitive factor. This has accompanied the popularisation of electronic communications channels, which have brought customers a broader service selection, with easier availability than ever before. Through the internet, products and services can be compared easily and, if necessary, a user can switch service providers. In addition, face-to-face customer encounters are increasingly being handled by a partner rather than a company representative.

Due to these changes in the business environment, companies must ensure they produce a homogeneous and personalised service, regardless of the channel used by the end customer, or of who is providing the service.

Ultimate solutions for a networked business environment

Digia’s Customer Experience Management services enable businesses to differentiate themselves by improving the quality of their customer encounters. Digia’s productised consulting services assist businesses in defining a concrete vision, strategy and action plan. This enables Digia’s clients to lift their customers’ experiences to the level to which all parties aspire.

Digia’s solutions for customer experience management include a host of customisable components in support for facing the customer, supporting the performance of the company’s own personnel, managing its network of partners, and facilitating the company’s information management and context-specific information distribution.

In line with its strategy, Digia will continue to develop and conceptualise its Customer Experience Management services in the coming years.

Browser-based system improves Valio’s feedback management

Digia has provided Valio Corporation with a consumer feedback system covering the latter’s entire feedback process. Used throughout Valio’s Finnish units, this system serves production plants, corporate management, product management, marketing and customer services.

Valio found this browser-based system easy to adopt, even within its outsourced contact centre. Thanks to multiple language versions, use of the application can be easily expanded. Valio’s subsidiaries, beginning with Valio Sweden in the spring of 2010, will also adopt the system.

The system has accelerated feedback handling and rendered its quality more consistent. Efficient handling saves time and improves product safety, with the system providing information on any anomalies, which can then be quickly addressed. Customers are satisfied when they receive a swift response. This user-friendly system’s diverse reporting options provide its various user groups with the full range of features they need.