ERP system business grows steadily

Despite the recession, Digia managed to grow its ERP systems business. This success was based on outstanding customer satisfaction and the continuous ability to bring out new solutions meeting advanced needs.

Digia’s ERP system business comprises the company’s own and third-party off-the-shelf software, provided extensively to various sectors. Digia has 20 years of experience as a strong Finnish expert in ERP, in which time it has built a large, satisfied customer base. In recent years, the company has expanded its operations to international ERP projects.

Digia offers flexible solutions

Business operations are increasingly founded on industry-specific, off-the-shelf software used ‘as is’ to enable normal business processes within the sector and to link to other applications and business partners’ systems.

Off-the-shelf software can cover the basic needs of most customers, for instance in order and delivery chain management, stock and asset management, customer and supplier management, financial administration and statutory reporting. Digia’s selection includes software that serves the needs of retailers, industry, service organisations, banks, asset management and trade unions, among others.

Digia’s solutions are known for their flexibility. In addition to ready-made software, customers can obtain consulting and development services for the creation of custom functions in line with the sector’s best practices and specific customer requirements.

Digia’s offering encompasses software implementation, as well as comprehensive continuous services during the product’s life cycle. Many customers seek as many application-related services as they can from a single supplier throughout an application’s lifetime.

In 2009 Digia had a particular focus on developing the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model in selected application segments. Digia strongly believes that, in the future, SaaS will be the predominant method of acquiring business applications. Various leasing options are already prevalent in many other areas of asset management.

Recession busting via improved service selection and operating models

In early 2009, the market for ERP systems was difficult. Many businesses froze their investments, which made it difficult to win new delivery contracts in markets where Digia has traditionally prospered – retail and industry. Nevertheless, the company succeeded in securing a foothold in the service sector, particularly in the Field Services business area. Digia has already provided dozens of system solutions for this sector, facilitating major savings for customers through increased efficiency.

During the spring, Digia worked on developing its SaaS offering and adjusting its operating models to the changed environment. Towards the end of the year, the market showed signs of recovery and important new delivery contracts were made. Although only modest growth is expected in the ERP system market in 2010, Digia’s objective is to achieve profitable growth in this business environment too.