Competitive edge by combining usability, web applications, business comprehension and mobile solutions

Digia’s unique combination of experience and expertise in areas such as usability, enterprise solutions, mobile devices and web applications puts its customers in the fast lane of Internet-based information processing in the new decade. Whether web services, core business systems or mobile applications are in question, through modern information technology and its ingenious solutions Digia’s customers gain access to improved services, more efficient operations and increased sales.

The information systems of the future will be built on dispersed, Internet-based information processing, smart user interfaces and functionality which recognises space, time and location. User-driven systems, whether they relate to business activities, customers’ mobile lifestyles or digital content such as music, will communicate fluidly with users, intelligently anticipating their needs.

Digia fulfils the promise of the mobile Internet

In recent years, novel technical solutions have significantly improved users’ experiences of the mobile Internet. Network speeds, advanced terminal interfaces and the quality of the available services have brought applications, previously accessible only via workstations, into the user’s pocket. On the other hand, mobile devices are increasingly beginning to resemble workstations. Using a browser through a touch screen is easy and even enables the use of high-end business applications.

In Digia’s operations, these trends are reflected in increasing customer demand for e-services, mobile work flow management solutions and diverse smart mobile systems. More and more Digia customers want to focus strongly on the user experience and usability of their solutions or services.

Trends are based on the market’s needs to create services that will finally fulfill the promises of the mobile Internet in a genuinely user-driven way. For Digia, this is no longer a separate business area or specialist competence, since the inexorable fusion of mobile phones and the Internet is, in one way or another, involved in almost every project Digia implements with its customers.

The emergence of this fascinating competence combination in Digia, and its productive application in support of our customers’ business, are no coincidence but the result of many years of strategic development. Digia has an unrivalled capability to respond to this challenge and help its customers benefit from the opportunities presented by the Internet of the new decade – including in mobile form.


HUOVI portal supports security of supply in Finland

The National Emergency Supply Agency is tasked with providing planning, support, guidelines and guarantees for maintaining and developing Finland’s security of supply. In Finland, security of supply is organised through a broad partnership network, involving various industrial segments, administrative sectors and trade associations.

The HUOVI portal supports the networking of critical supply security companies, as well as continuity and preparedness planning. HUOVI provides the necessary guidance in the form of news, instructions, maturity analyses and peer comparisons.

Through the HUOVI portal, the National Emergency Supply Agency and supply-critical enterprises can obtain an up-to-date image of Finland’s level of preparedness and security of supply risks. Digia carried out the technical implementation of the portal.

The National Emergency Supply Agency’s Chief of Preparedness, Ralf Sontag, is delighted with the solution and praises Digia’s agile project model.