As exciting as the evolution of mobility has been already, the gates are just opening for true, widespread adoption of mobility. Digia is among leading players who are both part of opening the gates and also helping various industries to take full business advantage of the change. Digia is unleashing the mobility by bringing in joy and efficiency.

Digia creates innovative mobile solutions and consumer experiences with world class mobile industry players and corporates from various industries. Digia serves customers as a partner for full innovation flow – from sketching an inspiring consumer experience to commercial deployment and optimising success throughout the life-cycle of the innovation.

Digia’s long, successful track record and high customer satisfaction in mobile solution business stem from recognised expertise gained through wide industry experience, continuous renewal and commitment to reliability and quality of deliveries.

For co-creation of winning solutions efficiently, Digia is able to work with customers in a way that combines strong customer intimacy, agile working methods and efficiency benefits based global scale.