Digia’s mobile solutions – riding the next wave of innovation

Digia offers innovative mobile solutions and advanced development services to world class mobile industry players. Digia's long, successful track record and high customer satisfaction stem from high reliability and quality of deliveries. Continuous renewal of expertise, proactive adoption of new technologies, customer intimacy and agile working methods are among key corner stones providing Digia with a position as a key partner in mobile solutions. In addition to serving leading mobile device OEMs and operators, Digia is well positioned to unleash the power of mobility also in other industries where mobility is raising its role as a new source of competitiveness. 

Co-creating the next big things in mobility together with industry leaders

Digia's services and teams working with the key players of the mobile industry are known for the outstanding expertise, ability to deliver and ability to gain very high customer satisfaction throughout the collaboration.

Stemming from Digia's versatile customer base, Digia knows what it takes to innovate and make a new consumer experience happen - throughout the whole chain: from crystallisation of an idea all the way to deployment in the market with operators, service providers and enterprises.

Digia is able to provide a comprehensive portfolio of contracted development services for the key parts of the mobile industry value chain:

  • Software platform creation - creating the foundation for new winning devices and services
  • Device creation - integrating the masterpieces of software, hardware and service experiences
  • Application and service development - polishing intelligent experiences for consumer delight

Mobility as seamless part of enterprise, media and vertical industry solutions

Digia's customers cover a rich variety of industries, media and enterprises. End-users in all these customer segments expect easy access to services - increasingly also via a variety of channels: be it voice service, web service, mobile SMS service or mobile application. Digia is uniquely positioned to provide power of mobility as natural, seamless part of customer solutions - be them enterprise resource management, CEM (Customer Experience Management) or portal solutions.

Digia's mobile product & service innovations as ready-made solutions to focused needs

Digia invests continuously into experimenting new technologies and service concepts to evaluate best possible ways to commercialise them - either as part of customer projects or as its own commercial software products and services.

Digia's software product portfolio consists of a suite of commercial software products and reference demo applications for meeting focused market needs. Solutions range from web based access to a remote device to powerful real-time contact management for corporate employees.

Digia raises consumer experiences to the next level with Qt and Nokia

Mobile device and computer industries face a challenge of meeting increasing expectations for stunning consumer experiences while also improving own R&D efficiency. One of the key answers to the challenge is Qt technology, available e.g. for Embedded Linux, Maemo, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X and Symbian platform.

During the year, Digia strengthened collaboration with Nokia, owner of Qt technology, and formed an Alliance and Training Partnership with Nokia – setting Digia into a leading position as a global provider of advanced Qt based development services for mobile industry, manufacturers of consumer electronics and intelligent machines.

During the year, Digia also demonstrated several own Qt based innovations and shared its expertise in international conferences by e.g. presenting a case study on what it takes to bring Qt technology to new mobile environments. Digia’s case study was based on pioneering introduction of Qt technology to Symbian platform in co-operation with Nokia.