Mobile industry in 2009 overview

Global recession absorbed with moderate impact

Global economical recession affected consumer demand for mobile solutions, created cost saving pressures for the industry players, especially OEMs and operators, and as a result, affected also demand for the contracted development services to some extent. However, despite of challenging conditions, Digia sustained good position in the market thanks to forward looking investments into right offering and competence areas such as Linux based platforms that raise their importance in the industry.  

Increased versatility of mobile software technologies

During the year, mobile industry continued to see more players entering the market – and also increasing amount of platform technologies used for the mobile products and services. Particularly, rise of Linux based platforms such as Maemo and Android was a major trend during the year. Digia’s proactive measures helped the company to take a significant leap in it’s capabilities to serve the emerging new needs: during the year, Digia’s Linux based competences (Maemo and Android) were more than doubled to cover significant part of Digia’s mobile solution competence base. 

Rising importance of internet and cross platform technologies

As a response to rising amount of alternative mobile platform technologies, application development platforms providing cross platform efficiency raised their importance within the industry. Namely Qt and web widget technologies raised their profile. Digia took a strong pole position in this space via e.g. forming Alliance Partnership with Nokia to provide professional services for customers who seek efficient, state-of-the-art Qt based software solutions for their intelligent devices, machines and service experiences.

Continuation of rising importance of delight and ease of use in mobile user experiences

During the year, industry competition in the area of mobile device user experience continued and was stimulated further by more touch based products entering the market and strong market introduction of Maemo platform by Nokia. Digia succeeded to grow its user experience services portfolio to the level that positioned Digia as one of the leading players in the mobile user experience field.

Increased consumer readiness for consuming services with mobile devices

The year 2009 was globally a year of increased use of mobile devices for consuming internet and mobile services. The increased consumption of services was stimulated by e.g. rising service phenomena like social networking, attractive devices for internet browsing, and more compelling data tariff plans by the mobile operators. As a whole, future for the consumer readiness to consume mobile services looks more promising than ever – giving positive foundation both for Digia’s customers and Digia’s own product innovations.