Ensured competences

The management and continuous development of the competences form two of the cornerstones of Digia’s success. Systematic processes are in place to ensure the development of selected competences in line with changing business needs. This allows Digia to apply the right competence to the right job, quickly and efficiently.

Systematic development ahead of the curve

Core competence areas derived from Digia’s strategy are developed in order to match the company's expertise in the latest technologies with customer needs. On this basis, Digia draws up concrete objectives and measures. In addition, Digia uses life cycle analyses for the anticipatory, correct dimensioning of its competences and technologies with respect to demand.

The bedrocks of an effective competence development system include the swifter adjustment of development to customers’ needs and faster identification of emerging trends. Digia continuously measures its competences and their correspondence to business needs. This enables the smooth adjustment of Digia’s objectives and the easy redirection of its competence development.

At individual level, competences are developed along previously agreed training paths and, for example, through familiarisation with important new technologies. A process of deep familiarisation yields valuable pointers for the strategic evaluation of new competence areas and technologies.

Best experts for each task

By combining systematic competence development with efficient capacity management, Digia can always guarantee its provision of the best people in support of its customers, while offering suitable jobs and personal development opportunities to its employees.

Furthermore, by combining a strong partner network with its own competence development, Digia is able to provide customers with optimal, cost-efficient and time-saving service and solution packages.

Digia improves Sofia Bank’s cost efficiency

Digia has provided Sofia Bank with a Digia Financial Systems investment and banking solution, completed with bank account and loan management applications.

Sofia Bank received a full Back Office package in the record time of only four months. The delivery included interfaces with all of the necessary internal systems, as well as with third-party systems used in stock-brokerage functions.

Sofia selected Digia as its system supplier due to the latter’s cost efficiency, flexibility and innovativeness.