Key events in 2009


Digia is the first company in Finland to attain Implementation and Support certified status for Microsoft's Field Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX industry solution.


Digia delivered a Digia Financial Systems investments and banking solution for Sofia Bank. The delivery also included solutions for managing bank accounts and loans. The comprehensive Back Office system for brokerage and banking was delivered by Digia within four months. The supply included interfaces to all necessary internal systems and the systems of external parties, used by brokers.


At the General Meeting, Pekka Sivonen, Kari Karvinen, Heikki Mäkijärvi, Jari
Pasanen, Pertti Kyttälä and Martti Mehtälä were elected onto the Board of
Directors. At the Organising Meeting held after the General Meeting, Pekka
Sivonen was elected as full-time Chairman of the Board and Pertti Kyttälä was
elected as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Jyrki Hallikainen has informed Digia that he controls 2,134,463 shares of Digia, corresponding to 10.04% of Digia's shares and votes.


Digia annouced the availability of two new mobile applications for Nokia Maemo devices. Digia@scene and @Web lead the way in making applications for Maemo with the verstile Qt application framework. Digia @Web is a modern, fully finger touch controllable web browser for mobile. Digia @scene is a highly optimized application for superior consumption and contribution of video content of YouTube.

Digia modernised national traffic license data system. The project by Digia and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, is part of a more extensive multi-year development programme based on the new public transport act, currently under preparation in the Parliament, and the EU's proposal for a regulation on public passenger transport services, entering into force in Finland.


Digia announced the availability of Symbian Signed for Nokia service. Symbian Signed for Nokia is a testing and certification service for all developer branded applications targeted to Nokia devices. Typically these applications are pre-installed into operator variant devices or delivered through Nokia sales channels like the Ovi Store.

Digia has delivered a remote identification system to the Uusikaupunki fertiliser plant of Yara Suomi Ltd. This project involved piloting remote identification technology (RFID) through production lines for the bagging up and collection of large fertiliser sacks.

Hansel has selected Digia as the only supplier for the Finnish central government's IT Service Desk system. Digia will have a comprehensive responsibility over the system's design, maintenance and support services, while the system will be technically implemented with the software of the IT software company, CA. The Service Desk system was first introduced in the central government's administrative and human resources management service centers whose systems will have an estimated 90,000 end users through a self-service portal.


Digia announced it has become one of the first Qt Alliance Partners and will cooperate with Nokia to grow a vibrant Qt user ecosystem. Digia's role as a Qt Alliance Partner combined with Digia's extensive experience in Qt software projects sets Digia as a leading player in the Qt ecosystem. Digia's role as a Qt Alliance Partner is a recognition of both proven expertise and scale required for delivering advanced Qt based software solutions across industries and geographical locations.


ISO 9001 quality certificate granted Digia Plc's operations in Finland. Digia has expanded its quality system to cover all its operations in Finland, including management, sales, production and continuous development processes in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Inspecta Certification has audited and certified the quality system, granting it an SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.


Digia demonstrated several Qt based software and service innovations, including a new concept for next generation connected car experience, at Qt developers conference in Munich. As Qt Alliance partner and one of the event sponsors, Digia showcased innovative usage of Qt both in mainstream smart phone (Symbian), emerging mobile computer (MAEMO) and embedded environments such as vehicles and intelligent machines.

Digia, Tampere University of Technology, Aalto University and University of Helsinki joined their strengths in developing Qt-ecosystem during a Qt Code Camp course in October. During a one week intense course participants got familiar with the Qt technology and built a fully functioning application utilizing the skills they had just learned. The course was implemented simultaneously in two cities, which set new requirements on Digia's training team and also on course practicalities.

Digia boosted efficiency by rationalising network of business locations.
Measures to be taken were planned to include close down of the sites in Kuopio,
Turku, Lahti and Vaasa, which employ a total of ca. 80 persons.


Digia took part in Invest 2009 Fair at Wanha Satama, Helsinki.

Ingman Group Oy Ab and the companies under its control thus control a total of 2,185,400 Digia's shares and votes, which exceed 10% of Digia's share capital, corresponding to 10.48% of Digia's shares and votes.

Pekka Sivonen informed Digia that he has sold 2,085,400 Digia Plc's shares, as a result whereof the amount of shares in his control has decreased under 15% of the shares and votes of Digia.


A text message (SMS) based appointment booking service has been developed for the practical organisation of H1N1 mass vaccination campaigns that will begin in early 2010. This service is expected to increase interest in said vaccinations and facilitate the related queue management. In municipalities introducing the service, the citizens will obtain the vaccination at a time that best suits them. The service was piloted by the city of Oulu in cooperation with the Finnish software company, Digia.

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