Board of Directors

From left: Jari Pasanen, Kari Karvinen, Martti Mehtälä, Pekka Sivonen, Pertti Kyttälä. Not in the picture: Heikki Mäkijärvi.

Pekka Sivonen, b. 1961, Secondary school graduate in Political Science
Full-time Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2005. Founding shareholder of Digia Inc., Board member (1997-2005) and Chairman (2000-2005). CEO of Digia Inc (1997-2000). Chair of the National Emergency Supply Agency's Technology Pool since 2007. Currently also Chairman of the Board at BlueWhite Resorts Ltd and Comma Group Ltd. Member of the Finnish Association of Professional Board Members since 2005.

Pertti Kyttälä, b. 1950, M.Sc. (Econ.)
Vice Chairman of the Board. Board member since 2005. Currently Managing Director of Peranit Ltd. His previous posts include CEO of Radiolinja Ltd (1999-2003), IT Director of Helsinki Telephone Company (1997-1999), Managing Director of Samlink Ltd (1994-1997), and Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director of Sp-palvelu Ltd (1991-1994). Previously, he has held various positions at SKOP Bank (1985-1990) and OKO Bank (1973-1985). Moreover, he is a Board member of Valimo Wireless Ltd and Chairman of the Board of Directors at ASAN Security Technologies Ltd.

Kari Karvinen, b. 1959, MA
Board member since 1990. Co-founder of SysOpen Plc. Chairman of the Board (2002-2005) and Vice Chairman (1999-2002) of Sysopen. Vice Chairman of the Board at Digia Plc (2005-2007). Board professional and independent investor. At SysOpen Plc, held the posts of deputy Managing Director (1990-1999), Director of Planning (1999-2000) and full-time Chairman of the Board (2002-2004). His previous posts include Managing Director and Product Manager at Helsingin PC-Konsultit Ltd (1988-1990), and various IT industry posts at Sycon Ltd (1982-1988). Board member of Oy Drumsö Utveckling Ab. Member of the Finnish Association of Professional Board Members since 2003.

Martti Mehtälä, b. 1957, M.Sc. (Tech.)
Board member since 2007. Until June 2007, served as Managing Director of Microsoft Oy for 12 years. Previously held managerial sales and marketing positions at Nokia Data and ICL Data Oy, as well as serving as Dava Oy's Managing Director and Country Director of Computervision Inc. Over 25 years' experience of IT implementation and of sales and marketing in various industries, and broad experience of working in cooperation with Finland's most extensive IT partner network and various international partners. Positions of trust have included membership of the National Information Security Advisory Board established by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and of the National Board of Economic Defense.

Heikki Mäkijärvi, b. 1959, M.Sc. (Eng.)
Board member since 2009. Currently holds the post of Vice President of Business Development at Openwave Systems. Previously he has worked at Accel Partners (2002-2009) and as Technology Director at Cisco Systems Finland, participating in development tasks related to European business operations (1999-2001). Prior to Cisco, Mäkijärvi worked for 15 years at Nokia Corporation's product development organisation and held various managerial positions in international marketing and business development organisations (1983-1998). No other Board memberships.

Jari Pasanen, b. 1960, Licentiate of Technology
Digia Board member since 2009. Currently Vice President, Strategic Renewal at SITRA, and Independent Consultant at Pointtia Oy, his assignments there including acting as a consultant for CapMan Plc's funds. Previously held various positions at Nokia Corporation (1993-2008). No other Board memberships.